This time don’t borrow books, borrow ‘Human Books’!

What if instead of simply getting lost in the pages of any book, you get to exchange ideas and get some answers from it? What if your book starts talking and answers your queries, clear your doubts and exchange some of your choices? Does it startle you….!!! Don’t be.

The readers of Kolkata surely can boast of a new and surprising edition to their ever-lasting list of reading books. However, this library offers no ordinary books, but they offer ‘Human Library’ where the reader’s queries were answered. The International organisation ‘The Human Library’ arrived from Copenhagen to Kolkata’s New Town for the second time on 17th November. The Human books were nothing but a fellow human, who were trailblazers, achiever, survivor or a representative. The motto of Human Library was to put forward 10 such stories, narrated by those human in an attempt to shatter prejudice and break out from the shackles of stereotype created by the society. Speaking to Jiyo Bangla, Deblina Saha (Founder of Human Library), said, “It is a place where human shares their stories and how they overcame the stigmas perpetuated by the society. This will be 25 minutes session where the readers can borrow these living books, converse with them and leave with a widened perspective.”  10 such unique books were introduced to the readers, they were: 

  1. Maverick (Kanishka Saha): A ghost hunter, a creator and thrill seeker. 
  2. Home close to home (Bhaswati Ghosh): Living in the same city yet away from parents 
  3. Father and Son: The Best Team (Arony Ghosh): Single father by circumstances, not by choice. 
  4. Breaker of Chains (Jyote Jaiswal): When they said ‘ypou can’t do it’, she proved all of them wrong. 
  5. Mard ko dard hota hai (Men in Pain) Kaushik Bhattacharyya: The man who survived domestic violence.
  6. Breaking free (Aparajita Bose): A live staggering example how the criminal justice can wrong the innocent, which took 13 years of her life.
  7. Make peace, not scars (Sanchayita Jadav): An acid attack survivor journey and how she fought back. 
  8. Second Innings (Uday Shankar Kar):  Living on his terms after retirement. 
  9. Papillon (Nilanjan Majumdar): How a father accepts his daughters transformation from female to male. 
  10. Living life in perfect harmony (Tathagata Chatterjee): An assistant chef and how he brings the best out of people. Not to mention he was diagnosed with Autism in his early days. 

According to Mrinmoi Sain (one of the reader), “I want Human Library to organize such events every after 6 months.” This library is bringing back the old tradition which was used globally since, 2000.


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