The Ultimate Bartender Championship

While Bartending seems to be a lot of fun and frolic, it does involve a lot of practice and skills. With the number of bars growing increasingly throughout the world, it is quite obvious that more and more bartenders are getting involved in the trade. In our country, bartending is looked down upon as a profession- people believe it is just about making cocktails creatively. However, it is a complex skill that requires a lot of practice and dedication. Owing to this fact, it is quite fitting that a bartender championship to recognise the most skilled lot of the bartenders in the country and the world should exist.

The ultimate bartender championship is organised by Monkey Shoulder, a scotch for the new generation of whiskey aficionados. The contest evaluates the participants based on three parameters- hospitality, knowledge and skills. Each round is distinctive with its own assessments- quiz rounds, mixology, hospitality tests and lots more. The first leg involves a general knowledge quiz where contestants are tested about the origin of alcohols, the understanding of the chemistry behind mixing different drinks followed by a Mixiodic table, where contestants are evaluated on the basis of their cocktail mixtures. The free pouring round, the round building tests and the hospitality rounds evaluate bartenders create drinks in time constrained environments without any aids.

Over 50 professional and amateur bartenders across the city flexed their brains and muscles making impressive concoctions at Park Street in the Kolkata Leg of the championship. The night was brought down to an electrifying final between five finalists in the Perfect Serve round. Kolkata boy Sourav Singh, who has eight years of experience in this field emerged as the winner, displaying his perfect mixture with three minutes to spare. Singh will be joining Arpan Nandi at the country finals to be held in Ooty later this month. The top five bartenders in the world championship avail a trip to the Athens Bar show in Greece and of course, major recognitions.

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