The sweetest part of our heritage

Krishnanagar, the land of culture and literature.Situated on the Jalangi River, this place attracts millions of people during the time of ‘Boro Dol’ and ‘Jhulan Mela’.

Most of us think of clay dolls or Maharaja Krishnachandra, the great patron of fine arts when we talk about krishnagar. The beautiful church with its famous paintings or themagnificent Rajbari with Durga temple. We forget that Bengal is famous for its sweets and its unforgettable taste. And Krishna Nagar is the birthplace of ‘Shor Bhaja’.

Shor Bhaja is made purely out of the cream of milk, it is fried and soaked in sugar syrup. Tempting, isn’t it? Anyone can gobble it up within minutes. But to make this, one needs a lot of patience and expertise in sweet making as it follows the most difficult and lengthy process.

So the next time you are Krishnanagar, don’t forget to taste the sweetest part of our heritage.

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