The Road Song In The BBC List

The British Broadcasting Corporation has disclosed their list of the 100 best foreign language films of the 21st century. Only one Indian film has made it to this list. Satyajit Ray’sPather Panchali’ which released in 1955 is placed at number 15 on the list, representing the heritage of Indian film industry globally.


Over 200 critics from 43 countries took part in the poll, with Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai as the number one film in foreign language. 100 films from 67 different directors, from 24 countries, and in 19 languages were shortlisted by the poll.

According to the BBC “27 of the highest-rated films were in French, followed by 12 in Mandarin, and 11 each in Italian and Japanese”.

According to BBC, a quarter of the films listed were East Asian, but surprisingly, none of the six Japanese critics who took part voted for a single Kurosawa movie. Regrettably, the BBC admitted that only four of the 100 films have been directed by women. Although 45% of the critics who responded are women.


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