The Garden Of Eden In West Bengal

We all know that Kolkata has a rich culture and history. You will also find the most vibrant and aromatic history here. We are talking about the famous Mallik Ghat flower market. It has India’s largest flower market. According to a survey, it is the largest flower market in Asia. It was established by Ram Mohun Mallick in 1855. Standing today it is 164-years-old.

The market starts at 4 am in the morning. Sellers from adjacent regions of the city and all over the state come here to sell flowers. One can find different kinds of flowers here; you just name it. There are flowers like tulips, yellow and orange marigolds, orchids, roses and other flowers of several medicinal purposes. The market also sells artificial flowers and leaves.

Flowers are exported to the rest of the country and even in Europe. The market is buzzed with people all throughout the day and the air is always filled with the sweet fragrance of various flowers. The sight is very delightful and is among the many valuable assets of the city.

The flower market is at full glory during festive and wedding seasons. If you are looking for garlands then this is a go-to place for you. It sells all sorts of garlands and flowers at a very cheap price.

Best time to visit this market is between 5 am to 8 am in the morning. Take a cab from Howrah station to the market.

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