Terrifying Fire Breaks Out At A Restaurant On Park Street Early Tuesday Morning

A terrifying fire incident occurred on Park Street in Kolkata early on Tuesday morning. The fire unexpectedly began on the upper floor of a multi-story building that included a restaurant and nightclub. 

Nearly ten in the morning, there was a fire reported at the building at 1/1 Camac Street, which is next to Park Street. The building, which is called Park Centre, is located where Park Street and Camac Street converge. Because of the numerous combustible materials present on the premises, the fire spread quickly throughout the building. 

As five fire engines arrived on the scene, efforts were immediately made to control the fire. It was difficult to put out the fire; more fire engines and other firefighting equipment were brought in. The firefighters had to work nonstop for almost two hours in order to stabilise the situation by 12:30 p.m. 

Fire Minister Sujit Basu arrived at the scene to oversee the firefighting operations, and he commended the efforts of the police and fire fighters. The incident did not result in any reported casualties or injuries. Police said everyone inside the building at the time of the fire was safely evacuated. 

According to preliminary investigations, it seems likely that the restaurant's storage of flammable materials, including temporary roofing materials, is what caused the fire. There were also gas cylinders on the premises, which is why the authorities had to remove them right away to avoid any explosions. 

The owner of the restaurant, Gaurav Jhunjhunwala, informed the police that the establishment had been closed for several months due to ongoing renovations. It is reported that renovation work was in progress despite the property being out of order, which is what caused the unfortunate fire.

Mr. Jhunjhunwala expressed gratitude to Mr. Sujit Bose, the Fire Minister, the Chief Minister, and the firefighters for their swift action in solving the situation. The incident caused significant property damage. 

To avoid future occurrences that are similar to this one, authorities will keep looking into what started the fire. In the meantime, owners of businesses and residents on Park Street are asked to prioritise fire safety precautions and to stay alert in order to prevent any more accidents.

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