Tata Motors To Produce Range Rover In India, Prices Expected To Drop!

Tata Motors is gearing up to manufacture the prestigious Range Rover in India, a luxury vehicle synonymous with opulence. This initiative is set to significantly reduce the prices of these cars, similar to Jaguar Land Rover's offerings. Essentially, Tata Group's subsidiary is set to introduce a 'Made in India' version of the renowned British brand.

Taking a bold step towards setting up production facilities in India, Tata Motors, the parent company of the British automaker Jaguar Land Rover, has decided to establish the assembly of Range Rover vehicles in India. This shift in manufacturing location is poised to bring down the prices of these luxury cars as they become more accessible to the Indian market.

With the impending commencement of production in India, the prices of Range Rover models are expected to see a substantial decrease. Reports suggest a potential reduction of up to 20% in the prices of these vehicles. 

Currently, the starting price of Range Rover models in India is around ₹68 lakhs, escalating up to ₹4.5 crores for top-tier variants. If a 20% reduction is applied, the prices could range between ₹15 and ₹90 lakhs.

According to sources familiar with Jaguar Land Rover's plans, the complete assembly of all Range Rover models is anticipated to take place at the Pune plant. This shift in production location could contribute to a further price drop ranging from 18% to 22%. It is speculated that the delivery of Range Rover Sport models could commence as early as August this year.

  1. Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Group, expressed his optimism about the venture, stating that initiating Range Rover production in the country signifies a deepening trust among consumers. He emphasised that this move reflects a special time for them, underscoring the anticipated rise in sales post-local production.

Echoing similar sentiments, M.D. Rajan Amba, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover India, hailed this move as a significant step forward. He emphasised the potential of this decision to further bolster sales by making these luxury vehicles more affordable to customers. The Range Rover series has maintained a strong performance record for almost 54 years, indicating Tata's confidence in rapidly adopting high-value cars in the Indian market.

In the previous fiscal year alone, Jaguar Land Rover sold 4,438 units in India, marking a steady growth of approximately 81% in sales. This upward trend underscores the increasing acceptance of luxury vehicles in the Indian automotive landscape.

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