Surprise Train Ticket Checking: Eastern Railways Will Take Discipline Against Passengers Without Tickets, Know In Details

Riding trains without a ticket is becoming more and more common, especially for those in lower classes. Eastern Railways is now carrying out strict measures to stop this behaviour.

According to officials, Eastern Railways is launching surprise ticket-checking specials to address the issue. Koushik Mitra, the chief public relations officer of Eastern Railways, stated that passengers who habitually travel without tickets need to be vigilant from now on. Ticket-checking squads will be deployed on trains at any station along the route, including junctions. If anyone is found travelling without a ticket, appropriate action will be taken against them.

Additionally, according to Koushik Mitra, these squads may conduct checks without warning, even in the middle of the evening, surprising travellers. In some cases, he emphasised, ticket checks might take place in locations that are unfamiliar to travellers. 

Eastern Railways has emphasised that train fares are significantly lower compared to other modes of transportation. Mitra emphasised that, in spite of the low prices, not paying fares costs the railway vital funds.  He urged everyone to buy tickets prior to boarding trains, ensuring passengers that Eastern Railways has made extensive ticketing arrangements. He concluded by emphasising the importance of purchasing tickets as responsible behaviour for all passengers.

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