Superwoman in Coronaland

The newer, better post lockdown version of me.

Strange and stressful are the times we live in but I guess it was all for good.

If I was superwoman before lockdown, I am the new improved version now. Once the job of sweeping and mopping was given to my boys, they made me realise that the home does not need to be swept and mopped everyday. You should have seen their look when I said 'thrice a week'. "What do you mean thrice a week? It's not like it needs a daily bath. Once a week is good enough" they jointly declared and that... was that.

I have stopped chatting on my MBBS batch group since they have a new activity that I cannot train myself to do in my current age...singing...theme-wise and year-wise and composer-wise, there is a huge cacophony going on, so, I have wisely withdrawn from contributing my two pence there...or should I say two notes 🤭.

I have realised that there is only this much cooking I can bring myself to do, so although lockdown challenge cooking continues unabated in all groups, I have settled down to liberally using the lip-smacking emojis to make up for lack of participation. After all, spectators are a rarity now and my kind needs to start a recruitment drive.

Professionally, the reduced amount of patient-related work has been amply compensated by the 'webinorrhea' that seems to be the fashion of the season. I don't know if all doctors are afflicted by this scourge but I know for a fact that we eye doctors are badly affected. We were "conference crazy" earlier with more than one every Sunday but now, with the restrictions of place and working days taken off, it's like we believe 'a webinar a day keeps corona away' 🙄🙄. So, I have been gaining knowledge from people who left our shores to temperate climates, from others who are in various COVID affected states of India and of course, from Malluland itself, all joined together in this mantra of saving the ordinary Ophthalmologist's 'covidfrenzied' brains from nothing to worry on that front! I am at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge 24/7 (if switching the video off and snoozing during the webinar does not take away the edge too much 😅).

So, finally what does the new improved version of me do?

I chill...with a book (and my kindle) and Netflix and my "not Dalgona" coffee!!

PS...This one, no one challenged me, so I challenged myself and write it..small victories in this merciless times. (Singing, indeed...I am still smarting and sore from that one 🤦‍♀️)

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