Solar powered warehouse inaugurated in Singur

Amit Mitra, State Finance and Industry minister have inaugurated a solar-powered warehouse in Singur. This solar powered temperature control warehouse is the first of its kind in the country. The warehouse is built by a Tokyo based ‘Kawasaki Rikuso Transportation’ (KRT), a Japanese warehousing and transportation logistics company. The warehouse has a capacity of storing 30 tonnes of vegetables per day. Tapan Dasgupta, State Agricultural Marketing minister said,

Around 25 percent of the produce by farmers are wasted due to lack of warehouse facility. This compels him to sell his produce at a much lower price. This facility will keep vegetables fresh for six to seven days. The farmers will be able to store their produce and get a price for it and at the same time, the consumers will also get fresh good and quality vegetables.

The State Government has further set up a target of building 100 such warehouses in different parts of the state with a budget of Rs 300 crore.

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