Six Benefits of the holy Tulsi leaves

Tulsi or the holy basil leaves is a native plant of the Indian Subcontinent. Hindus especially the Bengalis are spiritually inclined towards the concept of planting Tulsi in their central courtyard. It has many health benefits as it fights against malaria, common cold, headaches, heart diseases etc. Now let us take into account a few magical benefits of Tulsi:

1. Boil Tulsi leaves and elaichi to get rid of fever.


2. If you are going through a bad bout of a headache, then prepare a paste of Tulsi leaves and sandalwood and apply on your forehead.


3. If you have vision problems, then put some Tulsi leaves in a bowl of water and keep overnight. Apply that water on your eyes in the next morning.


4. If you are suffering from lack of taste then chew Tulsi leaves every day in the morning.


5. If you get some insect bites on any part of your body, apply the extracted juice of Tulsi leaves for proper cure.


6. If you are suffering from bad breath, take 4 to 5 Tulsi leaves and get rid of your bad breath.


Now that you know the apposite health benefits of Tulsi or holy basil leaves try to get into the habit of consuming Tulsi leaves every day to stay fit and healthy.

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