Shooting for ‘Devi Chowdhurani’ First Part Wraps Up! Actress Bibriti Shared Her Shooting Experience

The shooting for the first part of ‘Devi Chowdhurani,’ directed by Subhrajit Mitra, commenced on January 27th. Now, the shooting for this segment of the film has concluded.

Director Shubrajit Mitra revealed that the shooting took place initially in North Kolkata, specifically at Jimmy Lahiri’s residence. Srabanti Chatterjee, Darshana Banik, Kinjal Nanda, and Sabyasachi Chakraborty were among those who participated in this phase. Later, the team moved to Purulia on January 28th for further filming, exploring locations such as Ayodhya Hill and its surroundings, along with dense forests. Arjun Chakraborty and Bibriti Chatterjee also joined the shoot during this period.


Actress Bibriti Chatterjee shared her experience of the first part’s shooting, expressing her excitement and extraordinary satisfaction with the work. Collaborating with director Subhrajit and actress Srabanti for the first time, she felt they shared excellent chemistry. According to her, their collaboration seemed like a match made in heaven, enhancing the storytelling experience.

Further insights into the shooting reveal that, apart from Purulia, Baruipur was also one of the locations for filming. Bibriti’s character in the film is named ‘Nishi,’ and she described her role as weighty, requiring her to delve deeply into emotional nuances, often undergoing combat training alongside Srabanti and Arjun. Initially experiencing a mix of excitement, nervousness, and intense fear during the shooting, she eventually found her footing, delivering an outstanding performance.

Director Subhrajit efficiently managed to capture exceptional shots within a short span, ensuring the shooting progressed swiftly.

In portraying her character, Bibriti likened Srabanti’s character to the strength and grace of the Durga idol, feeling as though she stepped out of the pages of the novel itself. She embraced the role with finesse, leaving a lasting impression.

Bibriti also hinted at the rigorous diet she followed during the shooting, consuming only a meagre portion of four boiled eggs throughout the day and drinking minimal water to avoid frequent wardrobe changes, particularly during the winter season.

She praised the makeup artist, Somnath Kundu, for his meticulous work, which often took over an hour to complete, transforming her appearance drastically and incorporating various styles and looks seamlessly.

Following a brief hiatus, filming for the second episode is set to commence in a few weeks. Despite some delays, the ‘Devi Chowdhurani’ team remains optimistic, aiming to resume shooting by the end of February or early March. The remaining portions will be filmed in Bolpur and Kolkata, with actor Prosenjit Chatterjee expected to join in the subsequent segments.

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