Shameful truth of the society- DEVI

‘Devi’ tells the story of nine women , who navigate through an unusual sisterhood which force them to stay in a place dealing with each other’s temperament . The short film was directed and written by Priyanka Banerjee. 

The movie which has intrigued audiences because of its impactful storyline & intriguing star-cast which outlines the story of 9 oppressed women navigating through an unusual sisterhood thrust upon them by circumstance. The 11 minute movie stars multiple acting powerhouses such as Kajol , Shruti Haasan , Neha Dhupia, Mukta Barve , Sandhya Mhatre , Neena Kulkarni , Rama Joshi , Yashaswini Dayama and Shivani Raghuvanshi in prominent roles.  Devi was premiered at Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films on March 2 , 2020 platform  and it was stated to be the most anticipated short film of the year – ‘Devi’.

The story of Devi narrates the tale of nine oppressed women with different character and attitude, from different stage of the society , living in a small room, held together by similar fates and stories which at first kept hidden. Things change when a doorbell brings the news of yet another new entrant waiting outside to enter their sanctuary. The 9 women in the room debate about their stories of tragedy & pain and why they deserve to stay in the room over the stranger. Things changed when Kajol opened the door and let the new entrant.  Niranjan Iyengar commented , “Devi is an important film for Electric Apples. It was Ryan’s idea to cast this ensemble and we were really glad that all the actors saw what we did in the film. It wouldn’t have been possible to make this film without the support of Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films and all the Devis associated with it! We are grateful to every single technician who has worked on Devi to make it as powerful as it is!”


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