Shakib-Mimi's 'Toofan' Sparks Excitement With The Inclusion Of Tollywood's Jisshu Sengupta

The Bangladeshi and Tollywood's Bengali film industries are buzzing with anticipation as news of the latest collaboration between Tollywood's beloved actress Mimi Chakraborty and Bangladesh Superstar Shakib Khan emerges.

Their upcoming venture, titled "Toofan," marks Mimi's debut in Dhallywood, adding to the fervor surrounding the project.

Adding to the intrigue is the inclusion of Bangladeshi actress Masuma Rahman Nabila as the second female lead, promising a dynamic cast for this eagerly awaited film.

However, what truly sets "Toofan" apart is the latest revelation that Tollywood sensation Jisshu Sengupta might join the ensemble cast. While details about his role remain shrouded in mystery, sources suggest he's been approached for a villain role, potentially adding a new dimension to the Shakib-Mimi duo on screen.


Produced by SVF from the Tollywood side and from the Dhallywood side by Alpha Eye and Chorki, "Toofan" is poised to be a collaborative effort showcasing the best of both industries. With directorial responsibilities entrusted to Rayhan Rafi, known for his expertise in action-packed narratives, expectations are soaring for this cinematic spectacle.

While initial discussions have hinted at Jisshu Sengupta taking on a negative role, official confirmations are yet to be made by the producers. Nevertheless, the buzz surrounding his potential involvement underscores the excitement surrounding the project.

Meanwhile, filming for "Toofan" has already commenced in Hyderabad, with Shakib-Mimi's on-screen chemistry creating ripples of anticipation among fans. Reports suggest that parts of the movie will be shot in Kolkata, further strengthening the cross-border collaboration.

Jisshu Sengupta's previous villain or negative role performances, notably in "Zulfiqar" and "Dawshom Awbotaar," have garnered widespread acclaim, making him a sought-after talent in both industries.

As speculation mounts regarding his role in "Toofan," fans eagerly await official announcements to unravel the mystery surrounding his character. As the project progresses, all eyes remain glued to developments surrounding "Toofan," eager to witness the magic unfold on screen.

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