Severe Heatwave And Widespread Power Cuts Occurred In The Cities Of Kolkata And Howrah

The scorching heat seems relentless for the residents of Kolkata. Amidst this intense heat, imagine facing widespread power outages engulfing the city! How would the situation unfold? It's becoming a grim reality in several areas across the city. 

Reports suggest that power outages are starting to occur in various neighbourhoods as the evening sets in, with the situation worsening as the night progresses. News of these electricity disruptions is heard everywhere, from north to south.

One such incident occurred on Thursday night in the Salt Lake area. Residents found themselves engulfed in darkness. However, due to the promptness of the electricity department, the situation is gradually normalising. But even a brief power cut during these intense heatwaves can test the patience of city dwellers, and this is not unknown to anyone.

Meanwhile, Howrah City hasn't been spared from these power woes either. Residents there are also spending time in darkness due to the scorching heat. Load shedding is becoming a frequent occurrence in many areas here as well.

Moreover, the weather bureau in Alipore has indicated that Kolkata and the surrounding regions will continue to experience high temperatures for the next five days. The mercury is expected to hover around 41 to 42 degrees Celsius on Friday.

Additionally, certain areas in North Bengal, such as Malda and parts of Uttar and Dakshin Dinajpur, are also under alert for the next five days due to the heatwave conditions.

It's evident that there's no relief from the heat for city dwellers. This was confirmed by the Alipore Meteorological Department. The next five days will demand vigilance against the heatwave in Kolkata and its neighbouring regions.

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