Several Trains Cancelled For Three Days In Sealdah Division, Passengers May Face Problems

Preparations for operating twelve trains in the Sealdah Division have come to a sudden halt. It has been reported that non-interlocking work will continue alongside platform communication. Earlier, plans for a megablock in the Sealdah Main and Bongaon branches had been drafted by the railway authorities. Though, due to the ongoing election period, these plans were cancelled as passengers could face problems.

The planned block, scheduled to be implemented to mitigate the voting phase, has been postponed. It is understood that the work will last for three consecutive days. Due to this, there will be a large number of cancelled trains during this time, which will have an impact on commuters in places such as Dumdum and Bidhannagar. In addition, special vehicles for rail route transportation will need to be organised by the state.

Railway officials are set to discuss this matter again after the announcement of the election results on Tuesday. Eastern Railway has reportedly planned to suspend train services in the Sealdah Division for three days starting on Friday, June 7. The suspension will continue until Sunday. Passengers travelling through the Sealdah Main and Bongaon branches will face extreme inconvenience during this period.

Furthermore, it was previously planned to implement a project for the removal of hawkers from several stations. However, it is now thought that this project might be put on hold. Regarding this, the IG of Eastern Railway's RPF, Paramshiv, has stated that the removal of hawkers is necessary for the passengers' welfare and development. Therefore, this plan will not be abandoned, and if needed, it will be executed effectively.

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