Sealdah Route: Sealdah Division Trains Gets Cancelled On Saturday Too, Problems Faced By Daily Passengers

On Saturday, a number of trains on the Sealdah route were cancelled, leaving passengers furious. There are delays on the Sealdah route in both the North and main line, with many trains running late or not at all. Due to the disruption, passengers have been compelled to take buses and the metro instead of trains because of the overcrowding on the running trains.

Construction work to expand Platform 5 at Sealdah station, along with overhead wire maintenance, has been ongoing since Thursday night. The work on the interlocking system has been progressing steadily for the past twenty-four hours. However, due to this construction, many local trains have been suspended. The authorities have announced that this work will continue until Sunday, by closing five platforms at Sealdah station.

Daily passengers blame the railway for their inconvenience arising from the station's ongoing construction. But railway says that they have gave warning about the situation.

Several trains are reportedly ending their journey at Dum Dum rather than at Sealdah station. Additionally, there are delays due to some trains stopping at the Dum Dum Cantonment station. To make matters worse, passengers have to deal with heavy traffic in order to finish their journeys on time

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