Salt: Worth its salt

Ever prepared a whole dish and forgot to add salt? Didn't the excitement of the whole meal turn in to a sad story? We have all faced the tragedy at least once right!

Well, salt is an essential element for sustaining life which our body can’t produce.

Hence it has to be provided, within the recommended amount, through our diet.

Know the important functions of salt within our body as listed below:

Salt helps our body retain water and helps keep our blood pressure normal in case of hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels).

Salt also plays as an important nerve stimulant for proper functioning of our muscles. Sodium acts as a messenger between your brain and muscles.

Salt contains many important nutrients which activate several salivary and digestive enzymes that aid in proper digestion and absorption of food in our stomach.

Excessive low amount of sodium intake can cause Addison’s disease, blockage in small intestine, diarrhoea, vomiting and even a heart failure.

Remember the old saying- ‘Too much of everything is harmful’?

Similarly, even too much of sodium is bad. It can cause osteoporosis, kidney disease, hypertension and even stroke.

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