Sabarmati-Agra Superfast Train’s 4 Coaches And Engine Got Derailed After Colliding With A Freight Train

In a harrowing incident late Sunday night, a superfast train collided with a freight train near Madar Station at Ajmer, in Rajasthan, India. The collision resulted in four coaches and the engine of the superfast train derailing, leaving several passengers injured.

According to local sources, multiple passengers were injured in the incident and were promptly taken to hospitals for treatment. The collision occurred around 1 a.m. on Sunday near Madar Station, disrupting railway operations in the area.

The superfast train, en route from Sabarmati, Gujarat, to Agra, Uttar Pradesh, was approaching Madar Station when the collision happened. Emergency brakes were applied by the locomotive pilot, but unfortunately, they couldn't avert the accident.

Passengers onboard the train described a sudden jolt that woke them from sleep, followed by chaotic scenes as railway staff and locals rushed to the site to assist. Rescue teams arrived shortly after to evacuate passengers from the affected coaches.


While fortunately, there were no fatalities reported, several passengers sustained minor injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. An investigation into the cause of the collision has been initiated by a three-member inquiry committee formed by railway authorities.

The incident has prompted authorities to implement measures to clear the tracks and restore normal train services in the area. However, the disruption caused by the collision has inconvenienced travelers using other train services as well.

Shashi Kiran, spokesperson for the North Western Railway, confirmed that the superfast train, Agra Cantt. SF Express (12548), was en route from Sabarmati to Agra when the collision occurred near Madar Station. While the exact cause of the accident is under investigation, immediate steps are being taken to ensure passenger safety and restore normalcy to railway operations.

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