Rice will fight Diabetes

Rice is a staple diet in many regions of our country as well as the world, and Bengalis love for rice is an established fact across the globe. So, when we are diagnosed with diabetes, the first thought that hits us is we cannot have sweets, potatoes, and rice. Some become so cautious that they stop having rice completely and start consuming chapattis in all of their meals. Having diabetes does not mean you have to quit eating rice; according to experts, one can consume a bowl of rice at lunch or dinner. It is recommended to have dal or with it so that the blood sugar levels don’t rise rapidly. The portion of rice you have is what matters.

Rice is full of starch and it is the starch that spikes the sugar levels. Rice is also a high glycaemic index food and has carbohydrates that break down into sugar and glucose which also raises the blood sugar levels. If you consume rice then make sure to remove the starch. Here’s how can cook rice; first of all, forget the use of a pressure cooker and rice cooker. Pressure cooker and rice cooker absorbs the starch which is harmful to you.



1. Always wash the rice before cooking. Take a pan and add water three times the quantity of rice.

2. Boil the mixture on a medium flame for about 5-6 minutes. You will notice a foamy substance floating on rice which is the starch.

3. The rice is cooked when it's soft and tender.

4. Take it off the flame and strain the rice thereby draining the starch. Enjoy with vegetables and dal.

This way you won’t have to quit rice but don’t go overboard with it. Consult your doctor and it in the prescribed quantity. Always make a point of purchasing the best rice like the ones at http://www.pragatiedible.com/ as our health is our biggest wealth.      



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