Repair Work Commences On Nivedita Setu Rail Line, Know In Details

The vital link connecting Sealdah and Howrah divisions of the Eastern Railway, the Nivedita Setu spans over the Hooghly River, serving as a lifeline for rail transportation. Repair works on this crucial rail line have now commenced, with the replacement of worn-out components being prioritized. Consequently, trains are currently operating at controlled speeds on this bridge. It has been reported that trains will be limited to a speed of 20 kilometres per hour during this period, ensuring safety precautions are adhered to. However, normal train operations are expected to resume after the completion of the repair work.

The Nivedita Setu boasts a maximum train speed of 90 kilometres per hour, spanning approximately 880 metres with numerous steel spans. Additionally, it accommodates two railway lines in its structure.

Railway officials, including Deepak Nigam, the Railways Manager of Sealdah Division, conducted an inspection of various sections of the bridge on Sunday. Maintenance activities are being conducted during specific hours, with train operations halted between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM to facilitate inspection and repair tasks.

Regarding the significance of the bridge, an official spokesperson from the Sealdah Division emphasised the critical role of the "stringers"—the sections of the bridge supporting the railway lines. Apart from ensuring the structural integrity of the railway lines, these stringers play a pivotal role in distributing the load evenly, especially considering the heavy traffic between Dakshineswar and Bally, which serves as a primary rail link to Kolkata Port. Consequently, besides facilitating passenger train services, the bridge also serves as a crucial conduit for freight transportation from the port.

In conclusion, the ongoing repair works on the Nivedita Bridge underscore the railway authority's commitment to ensuring the safety and efficiency of rail transportation in West Bengal. Once completed, the bridge will continue to serve as a vital artery for both passenger and freight traffic, bolstering connectivity across the region.

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