Reopening Of West Bengal Schools: Teachers' Association Demands Schools Reopen Despite Decreasing Scorching Heat

The scorching heatwave that had gripped West Bengal has finally relented, bringing relief to the state. Even before the onset of the summer vacation, many schools had closed due to the extreme weather conditions, affecting students across the region. However, with the recent arrival of rainfall, temperatures have significantly dropped.

The Bengal Primary Teachers' Association and the West Bengal Headmasters' Association have demanded the cancellation of the summer vacation and the reopening of schools. They have already submitted a proposal to the Education Department advocating for this move.

Both teacher associations argue that schools should reopen immediately without an extended vacation period. If temperatures rise again, vacations can be reconsidered at that time.

Initially, the Education Department had announced holidays for primary schools from May 13 to May 31, followed by holidays for secondary and higher secondary schools from May 9 to May 20. However, due to the sudden onset of intense heat in April, the vacation period was brought forward until June 3.

As a result, the leaders of the teachers' associations believe that such an extended vacation is unnecessary at this time.

Ananda Handa, the General Secretary of the Bengal Primary Teachers' Association, stated that the current heatwave has significantly subsided, with rainfall occurring regularly. Therefore, there is no need to keep schools closed any longer. However, if the heatwave returns, a few days of vacation could be granted.

On the other hand, Krishangshu Mishra, the General Secretary of the West Bengal Headmasters' Association, highlighted that the introduction of semester-based teaching at the higher secondary level has already commenced. Additionally, there have been changes in the curriculum. Keeping schools closed for the sake of summer vacation, even if the weather is not extreme, would only hamper the students' education.

Both associations emphasise that the priority should be the students' academic progress, and unnecessary closures would only disrupt their learning process.

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