Relish the Healing Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea, known to all as Babune ka Phal in Hindi, has stellar reputation for its calming and healing effects. It has an aromatic chemical compound, Chamazulene in it that has analgesic, inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. According to health experts, Chamomile Tea has a good number of health benefits to be talked about.

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Chamomile Tea boosts immunity and works as a preventive measure for many health issues.

If you are suffering from insomnia, then try having Chamomile Tea. It helps your nerves to relax and soothes the entire nervous system.

Chamomile Tea decreases the production of prostaglandins that acts as a pain relieving agent.

Most of the women suffer from gastrointestinal problems that include menstrual problems, morning sickness, indigestion, flatulence etc. 4.

Chamomile Tea promotes healing of wounds, cuts and other such skin abrasions.

Chamomile Tea can do wonders to your skin too. It has anti-oxidants that can lighten your skin and boosts the health of the skin.

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