Praggnanandhaa Clinches Victory Against Carlsen In Classical Format, Secures The World Top Position

The world champion Magnus Carlsen was defeated by Chennai's talented chess player, Ramesh Babu Praggnanandhaa. Carlsen defeated Praggnanandhaa in the finals of the World Cup held in Azerbaijan last year. He has, however, completely reversed the roles this time around with an amazing achievement of skill and willpower. A proud moment for India! 

For the first time, Praggnanandhaa defeated Carlsen in a classical duel, which is known as one of the most difficult chess formats. He participated in the popular Norway Chess Tournament and won, finishing first with an outstanding 5.5 points at the end of the third round.

Carlsen, who is now ranked fifth in the tournament, has lost a number of times in the past, including rapid and exhibition rounds against Praggnanandhaa. However, Praggnanandhaa has really succeeded in the classical chess category, which is a major turning point in his career. 

Players must carefully consider every move they make in this classical chess, requiring broad strategic planning. Players take over an hour to decide what to do next in this situation. Competitors with more experience and creative thinking often have an advantage in this format.

Praggnanandhaa is not the only player in the Norway Chess Tournament, either. His Indian sister, Vaishali, who defeated Koneru Humpy, is right next to him. Vaishali is the present women's champion with 5.5 points, which adds to Indian chess's pride.

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