Proud moment for Utkarsh Bangla, lionized with UN award

The City of Joy is on its way to development and success and it was recently proved by the government when the ‘Skill Development Programme for Youth’, initiated by our CM Mamta Banerjee, was lionized with an award at the World Summit WSIS, a UN organization for IT and Communications. The CM of Kolkata, Mamta Banerjee expressed her gratitude towards this achievement and intimated her excitement to reveal the pictures of the ceremony as well as the prestigious trophy and certificate which they achieved recently in the United Nations.

She also proclaimed that Utkarsh Bangla transpired on the number one spot out 1062 nominations in 18 different categorizations enlisted. Utkarsh Bangla is a chief programme which aims in encouraging the skilled candidates who are industry-ready with a focus of 6000,000 peoples maneuvered by the state government. It also helps in uplifting the degree holders to register for technical training.

Utkarsah Bangla is a ray of hope for many unemployed educated peoples in Kolkata and an appreciable initiative started by our CM, Mamta Banerjee.

Meta headline: The city of joy marked its name in the UN! Must read

Sub-head: The moment of pride and glory for Kolkata.

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