Pancakes for the Busy-Bees

In the busy schedule of our everyday life, especially in the morning while leaving for college or work it is often hard to cook a meal for oneself. With all the work one does usually in a day, the mornings are the most tough to start with cooking something that will not only fill your stomach but will get you through the day. But the preparation one has to take is quite tiring, and eating outside may not help your body in the process.

However, easy recipes like pancakes are a blessing to tackle your morning blues, which might save time as well as money in the long run. It is considered to be one of the easiest recipes especially for the millennials. With all the daily cooking substances combined, pancakes are a delicious dish made with ingredients such as, flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, egg, milk and Vanaspati oil.

Mix all the ingredients accordingly to your preferences and keeping in mind the quantity and taste, then beat the mixture until it becomes smooth but don’t beat it hard enough, as the gluten becomes tough, which results in tough pancakes. Either cover the pan with Vanaspati and heat it until it turns very hot, or after the pan gets hot add the Vanaspati into the pan for the pancake to easily become brown in colour.

Add the batter into the now heated pan and let it thicken for a while, as the mixture becomes a bit brown turn it over to the other side. Add some honey or something you would prefer with your pancakes. The time mostly needed is for the making of the batter, otherwise the cooking is a very short-timed process to add a different taste to your life.

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