Online requisition of blood banks coming soon in Kolkata

The state-run blood banks to go online very soon. Family members of the patients’ families will not have to stand in long queues to get blood units. Many a time people have to wait in long queues only to find out the blood unit is not available. Once the online system starts out, an application for a blood unit will directly go to the hospital blood bank from the hospital ward and if the required unit is unavailable there the application will be sent to other blood banks including the Central Blood Bank at Maniktala. According to an official, at Swasthya Bhawan, “once the online requisition system starts, it will not only spare patients’ families the harassment but also rationalize blood supply”. The online system will also prevent wastage of blood, once the software is initiated, if a patient requires four units of blood then the hospital bank can contact with the ward and ask if two units will do at the moment or not, that way they can send the remaining two units later.

On Friday, representatives of the seventy-three state-run blood banks attended the orientation at Swasthya Bhawan that was training on e-requisition. It was the first phase of the training where the doctors and technicians were taught how to use the software. The pilot project will be at Calcutta National Medical College or CNMC. Medical superintendent and vice-principal at CNMCH, Sandip Ghosh speaking about the pilot project said, “the groundwork is prepared to run in the pilot project. This is a great patient-centric initiative.”

The officials will make sure to check all the problems before starting the online requisition in full swing. The online requisition will eliminate blood rackets and raise the number of blood donation camps. 

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