Old-world charm in Busy Park Street

A complete bookstore dedicated to the ecological issues. Sounds strange, right? But it is true, if you walk down the busy Park Street walkway and take a turn to Middleton Street, a well-laid out bookstore will attract your attention with a display of books outside the shop, set up by a husband and wife duo Bharat and Vinita Mansatta.

“Earthcare Bookstore” focuses on journals and books that cover ecological issues. The owners deliberately stock an eclectic mix of Indian and foreign authors with a thrust on the environment and social justice issues and have a well-stocked bounty of the hand-picked rare book, that you will not find elsewhere. There are an old-world Charm and informality about this place that is reflected in the toned-down cozy décor of the store. Framed monochrome photographs capturing vignettes of the city adorn the walls.

Well, the owners are dedicated activists who are fully involved in environmental and sustainability issue and they try to involve their customers as well.

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