Oil For An Easier Living

Ever wondered how oil can be a life and time saver? Vegetable oil have been used by humans for quite a long time for mainly cooking purposes, but still has a multitude of uses in our daily lives. Oil is used in cooking for distinct flavor or taste, while it can also add fruitful solutions to your daily non-cooking problems. 


Vegetable oil is known to be used for moisturizing both scalp and skin. The oily nature helps in providing moisture to dry skin or hair and using it nourishes both. Vegetable oil can also help in treating chapped lips and dried ankles

Wooden Appliances

Wooden appliances may be very handy and looks classy, but once they lose their glamour, they do not look good on the utensils set. Applying any vegetable oil on the surface of wooden appliance will add a protective coating as well as a shine to it. Oil can also add a shiny coating to leather


The greasy nature of oil can get you out of many sticky conditions. For example, if you’re stuck with your zipper, add little to the zip to make it run smoother. For the same reason, oil will help solve the noise created by squeaky door. 

Wax Remover

Candles can create a perfect cozy and nostalgic ambience but after they burn out, removing the wax is a painful task as it gets stuck to the surface. A few drops of Vegetable oil before removing the wax will help you accomplish the set task. Oil is also used for removing stickers and gum from hair also. 

Animal Health

Vegetable oil, if used in a small quantity can turn out to be a healthy thing for animals. Oil can help in maintaining the shiny coat of an animal, and prevent hair fall. 

Vegetable oil has a multitude of uses lined up which can help in no-cooking purposes. Purti oil is the best option to choose for having fruitful results. Visit www.purti.net to know more. 

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