Occupational safety and health professional day

Occupational safety and health professional
Each and Every day, workers from around the world return home from work to their families safely, only because of the hard work and efforts imbibed by the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) professionals, who have been working with immense dedication to protect the workers at work. OSH professionals make sure to eradicate workplace hazards by identifying them over the time and also by reducing employer costs and enhancing the contributions of workers subsequently. Safety professionals draw and apply standards from various categories like education, engineering, psychology, hygiene, health and management. With adequate tools, methods and techniques provided to them, they prevent the accidents, illnesses, explosions and other situations that can be deleterious to the people, property and the ambience.

Establishing OSHP day
The establishment of the day was marked by the approval granted by The American Society of Safety Engineers Board of Directors in March 2006. It was created in conjunction with North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) week. OSHP Day takes place on the Wednesday during NAOSH Week on an international platform annually.

Motive and significance of the day
This day has been established primarily to create awareness and pride in the OSH profession and to applaud the quality of education, skills and technique it requires to generate prevention against on-the-job injuries, illness and property damage.  Thousands of OSH professionals work behind the scenes without a moment of recognition. Thus, on this day these obscure heroes are provided with much-deserved recognition for the difference they bring into the lives of the workers around the world.

So, if you know an OSH professional, take this day to thank and appreciate the work they are doing everyday implicitly.

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