Now Kolkata students to get Winter Clothings from project Sabuj Saathi

Students of all districts except West Bengal have been given bicycles under the ‘Sabuj Saathi’ scheme of the state government because cycling is prohibited on many roads of the city but now even Kolkata students are likely to get an alternative.

At the event of 100 years’ celebration of Beltala Girls’ High School, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that such plans were afoot. She also said along with computers and smart classes, students should also have classes of moral values. If they are taught these from the beginning, they will be able to grow up to become humans with proper mindset and views.

Sources at Nabanna, the state secretariat said that as an alternative of bicycles, school students of Kolkata will get winter wears and raincoats.

For the last eight years, students of the districts have been getting cycles but nothing as such had been planned for Kolkata pupils which had been questioned by many guardians as well. Thus the CM’s announcement had been good news for them. “There are traffic restrictions so we cant give cycles to students here but we are looking into finding alternatives for them,” she said. Citing the example of Darjeeling she said that since it rains heavily there, students are given raincoats there and because of the weather they are also given woolen clothes.

Talking about the curriculum she said that if moral values are imbibed into the children at a young age, as they grow up they will have a tendency to keep away from violence and negativity.

She said that there was a tendency of attaining foreign degrees but students tend to overlook the opportunities they have back home.

At the event, she announced that an amount of Rs 1.25 crore would be sanctioned to Beltala Girls’ High School for different developmental work of the school. She said that the two buildings of the school were quite old and would require about Rs 35 lakh for maintenance and repair works. Rs 20 lakh would be spent on refurbishing the hostel building, and an equal amount would be spent on buying instruments for the four laboratories which the school has. The school museum would be overhauled at an expense of Rs 10 lakh. Furniture, books for the library and CCTV arrangement would cost Rs 20 lakh. The boundary of the school would be done at Rs 15 lakh and another Rs 5 lakh would be spent to put up an open theatre.

She also instructed that the school should start teaching in English medium from the academic year 2020. Other than the financial grant, she also said that if the school wanted to put up another campus, the government would allow land for that as well. The land, however, would be at New Town because there was hardly any vacant land left in the city.

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