New Delhi Tops The Pollution Chart Again, Insights From A Review Report

New Delhi’s pollution woes continue to dominate discussions, with yet another report underscoring the severity of the issue. Despite repeated attempts to address the problem, little progress has been made, as highlighted in the latest review report.

The Swiss organisation IQAir has released a report on global pollution, revealing New Delhi as the most polluted capital in the world in terms of air quality. However, it’s not just New Delhi; the entire country of India is grappling with deteriorating air quality.

For the fourth consecutive time, New Delhi has secured the top spot in pollution rankings among capitals worldwide. Bangladesh and Pakistan follow closely behind, indicating a concerning trend for the region. According to data from 2023, India’s annual average PM2.5 concentration was 54.4 micrograms per cubic metre, higher than that of its neighbouring countries.

Comparing with the 2022 report, India’s position in the pollution index has worsened, dropping to eighth place. In 2022, the annual average PM2.5 concentration was 53.3 micrograms per cubic metre.


Among the top 11 most polluted cities globally, apart from Lahore, all the others are in India. Furthermore, out of the 50 most polluted cities, 42 are located in India. New Delhi recorded an air quality index of 92.7 in 2023, up from 89.1 in 2022.

The review highlights that air quality monitoring has been extended to 30,000 stations worldwide, employing cost-effective sensors to facilitate data collection.

On a sombre note, the WHO report reveals that pollution-related ailments claim the lives of 7 million people globally each year.

Environmental experts warn that the surge in pollution is leading to an increase in respiratory issues and a host of other health problems. The urgency to address this crisis cannot be overstated, as the health and well-being of millions are at stake.

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