New Bengali Movie 'Maharat': Two Murders On The Shooting Floor Unveil A Riveting Thriller By Director Atiul Islam

The shooting floor buzzes with activity as filming progresses. However, amidst the hustle, a tragic incident unfolds. Two actors are found murdered one after the other, sending shockwaves through the set. Subsequently, the authorities launch an investigation, sparking discussions on social media and in the news.

Director Atiul Islam is set to unveil a gripping tale centred around this incident in his latest film, "Maharat." He is known for his directorial prowess in films like 'Kishaloy' and 'Fatema'.

Actress Debolina Dutta portrays the character of the murdered actress, Aparna, while Rittika Sen takes on the role of a journalist in the movie. Alongside them, the film features performances by Biswarup Biswas, Hiya Ray, Mir, Anindita Som, and Rishiraj. Debraj Bhattacharya appears as a CID officer, adding depth to the narrative, while Rajatava Dutta portrays a pivotal character.

Director Atiul Islam says that "Maharat" not only promises thrilling entertainment but also carries a significant social message. He believes that a large portion of Bengali audiences enjoy thrillers, but the film offers much more than that, inviting viewers to delve deeper into its narrative.

The entire shooting of the film took place in the Murshidabad region. Director Atiul assures that everything is on track, and "Maharat" is slated for a big-screen release later this year.

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