New Bengali Film: Director Rohan's Upcoming Film 'Nayika' Starring Ishaa And Priyanka, Shooting To Commence This Month

Director Rohan Sen is set to bring a fresh narrative to audiences with his upcoming Bengali film titled 'Nayika'. The movie explores the dynamics between two women—a film star and a homemaker—whose friendship evolves as life unfolds its complexities. Rohan, known for his previous works like 'Subho Bijoya' and 'Pakdondi', aims to celebrate friendship through this cinematic journey.

In 'Actress', actresses Ishaa Saha and Priyanka Sarkar will portray the characters of Raya and Sohini, respectively. Rohan has expressed his vision to highlight the essence of friendship through their performances, along with unravelling various interpersonal dynamics.

The director revealed that the storyline of the film revolves around Raya encountering a problem, leading to media scrutiny, while childhood friend Sohini re-enters her life during this crisis. The narrative delves into how their bond withstands challenges, forming the crux of the story.

Interestingly, Rohan shared that both Raha and Sohini harboured dreams of becoming actresses in their youth, adding an intriguing layer to the film's narrative. The film promises to offer a unique blend of emotions and storytelling.

Produced by ‘Kichukkhon Entertainment’ and ‘Frame Per Second Entertainment’,the shooting for 'Nayika' is scheduled to commence on the 17th of this month in Kolkata. Alongside Ishaa and Priyanka, pivotal roles will be essayed by Laboni Sarkar and Subhrajit Dutta, with discussions underway for other character portrayals.

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