Move over ‘Hoomans’

Cats are always up to something whether you like it or not. Ever wondered where the term ‘Catwalk’ came into fashion fraternity? Well, we think there is finally an answer to the question.

Something funny happened on the ramp at a fashion show in Istanbul, Turkey recently. A cat crashed the Vakko ESMOD International Fashion Show in Istanbul and stole the limelight away from models. The cat even did a very poised and graceful ‘catwalk’ down the runway and showed everyone who’s the BOSS! She sat on the ramp licking its paws, stretched and had a fun time (no doubt). While it is unclear where the cat came from, but it did what it could do best. CATWALK!

The video made social media (especially cat lovers) go gaga over it. The funny part is she gave the rest of the models and made the walk a bit interesting.

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