Mohor-Durnibar Couple Celebrated Baby Shower Occasion, How Was The Celebration?

Singer Durnibar Saha, who tied the knot for the second time on March 9 last year, is set to embrace parenthood with partner Mohor-Aindrila Sen. The couple, who garnered attention with their love story and subsequent marriage, recently celebrated a joyous baby shower, organized by Mohor's family.

The event, adorned with Tollywood celebrities, showcased Mohor in an elegant white and yellow silk saree, complemented by gold jewelry. Durnibar opted for a simple white kurta-pyjama, reflecting the couple's happiness. Despite some initial trolling after their marriage, the recent news of the impending arrival received overwhelmingly positive responses on social media.

The baby shower, filled with traditional rituals, saw Mohor's parents dressed in white, symbolising purity, while Durnibar donned a white Punjabi. The couple, radiating happiness, adhered to all customs, creating a beautiful celebration for their soon-to-arrive guest.

Fans and well-wishers flooded social media with congratulatory messages, showcasing the couple's enduring love since they began dating a year ago. The journey from their first meeting at a restaurant in December 2021 to a grand reception at South Kolkata's DKS Club on March 11, 2022, was marked by public interest and admiration.

While their love story unfolded, Durnibar, not directly linked to the entertainment industry, had indirect ties through actor Prosenjit Chatterjee, who played a supportive role in their journey. The couple's wedding, a grand affair with Boom Boom Da himself officiating various responsibilities, became a memorable event in Tollywood.

In light of their joyous occasion, the past echoes of Durnibar's previous marriage to Meenakshi Mukherjee resurfaced. However, the couple clarified that this union is a new chapter for both of them, dismissing any connections to the past.

As Mohor and Durnibar eagerly await the newest addition to their family, the Tollywood industry and their fans continue to shower them with love and blessings. The couple's resilience against online criticism and their commitment to each other make them an inspiring presence in the entertainment world.

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