Modern Cooling Solution Implemented At Railway Stations For

As temperatures soar across the state, commuters are facing the brunt of the scorching heat. However, relief has arrived in the form of modern cooling technology deployed at railway stations, ensuring a comfortable journey amidst the sweltering heat.

With the mercury rising, Eastern Railway has taken proactive measures to enhance passenger comfort by installing state-of-the-art low-speed high-volume fans at several stations, including Howrah and Sealdah, among others. These cutting-edge fans are designed to provide a cool and refreshing environment, offering respite to weary travelers amidst the blistering heat.

Engineered with precision, these HVLS fans are tailored to deliver cool and fresh air, significantly reducing temperatures by approximately four to five degrees Celsius. Operating with a motor power of 1.2 kilowatts, these high-efficiency fans consume minimal power compared to their traditional counterparts, aligning with the railway's commitment to sustainability.

Notably, twelve of these innovative fans have been installed at the old and new complexes of Howrah Station, with an additional seven at Tarakeshwar Station. Furthermore, a sleeper class waiting hall at Bardhaman Junction has also been equipped with these advanced cooling units.

Kaushik Mitra, Chief Public Relations Officer of Eastern Railway, expressed enthusiasm regarding the installation, emphasising its role in enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers. He highlighted that these fans not only provide relief from the heat but also showcase the railway's dedication to stability and innovation.

Mitra further iterated Eastern Railway's commitment to meeting all passenger demands while prioritising comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

With the implementation of modern cooling solutions, Eastern Railway continues to set the benchmark for passenger comfort and satisfaction. As travelers embark on their journeys, they can now experience a refreshing and enjoyable travel experience, even amidst the scorching summer heat.


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