Mayonnaise for the Millennials

In the past few years, fast foods like pasta, burgers, pizza, fries have been raging in the food markets. With the younger generation indulging in these exotic food items, the dips and toppings are the major attractions and are equally important for the food to taste good enough. Be it, cheese or mayonnaise, people around the world have come to appreciate it nevertheless. Apart from these there are other variety of dips that have made life easier for several food lovers. 

Homemade Mayonnaise, is an important preparation for many of the millennials, to savor in their desired dishes. However, it is still an easy recipe to prepare, with proper food ingredients like, Egg, vinegar, and oil. Sunflower oil can be used in the recipe for better results as it has no taste of its own whatsoever, and also no odor. Sunflower Oil being tasteless and odorless helps retain the original taste of the rest of the food ingredients. At first the egg and vinegar are mixed well and then the Sunflower oil has to be poured slowly and mixed well till the mixture becomes thick and creamy forming the delicious texture of the Mayonnaise. It can be used immediately as dip or added in some dish, or it can be cooled down it for about 24 hours before use for the mixture to thicken up a little bit more. Use the mayonnaise to your preference but the oil should be of high quality for desired taste.

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