Manoj Tiwary's Final Quest: Can the Ranji Trophy Dream Turn into Reality?

In a bid to captivate the hearts of his devoted fans, Manoj Tiwary is gearing up for the final showdown on the cricket field. The seasoned cricketer, representing Bengal, is set to grace the pitch once again, hoping to fulfill his dream of winning the Ranji Trophy.

Despite multiple attempts, Tiwary, a maestro on the cricket field, has yet to clinch the Ranji Trophy. This time, he is determined to leave an indelible mark and secure victory for his team. Tiwary, who previously led the Ranji Ranators, has set his sights solely on lifting the coveted Ranji Trophy.


While he has tasted success on numerous occasions, becoming a Ranji champion has eluded Tiwary’s illustrious career. Now, in his pursuit of this elusive achievement, Tiwary has declared his retirement from the captaincy at the onset of the tournament, focusing solely on the quest for the Ranji Trophy.

Manoj Tiwary, who ventured into politics and emerged victorious in the 2021 state assembly elections, currently juggles his responsibilities as the Sports Minister of the state. Despite a busy schedule and a lingering injury, Tiwary remains undeterred, determined to excel both in politics and on the cricket field.

In a unique approach, Tiwary, along with his cricketing companion Anustup Majumdar, who is bidding farewell to the cricket arena, has found solace and preparation at the second campus grounds of Jadavpur University. Tiwary believes in keeping himself prepared, ensuring that criticism doesn’t affect his performance.

The upcoming matches in Visakhapatnam will witness Tiwary leading the Bengal cricket team. He acknowledges the transient nature of sports and believes that every new day brings a fresh start. As cricket enthusiasts embrace a paradigm shift, Tiwary remains steadfast, relying on his experience, the trust of selectors, and the support of his fans.

As the cricket fraternity witnesses this shift in focus and determination, the question lingers: Will Manoj Tiwary realize his dream of clinching the Ranji Trophy, proving that time is indeed on his side?

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