Empty Local Train Derails At Liluah Station, Disrupting Commuter Services

Early on Tuesday morning, a local train on the Howrah district suffered a derailment, halting its operations and causing distress among commuters. The incident occurred as a vacant EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) train was heading towards Howrah from Sheoraphuli at around 7:05 AM. While transitioning from the down main line to the reversible line near Liluah station in the Howrah division of Eastern Railways, the train derailed, with its fourth coach veering off the tracks unexpectedly. Despite the sudden derailment, the train managed to progress a significant distance before coming to a complete halt.

The railway authorities promptly suspended train services on the downline following the incident. Subsequently, trains such as the Bandel and Bardhaman locals were stationed at various stations along the route. An accident relief train was dispatched to the scene to assess and address the situation. Official representatives from the railway quickly arrived at the site to assess the situation comprehensively. After evaluating the circumstances, they diligently worked to restore normalcy to train operations.

Eventually, at precisely 8:55 AM, train services on the down line resumed without any further delays.

Further information from Eastern Railways revealed that three other EMU locals, numbered 37221, 37223, and 37225, were also cancelled for the day. Additionally, trains numbered 37236, 37238, and 37240, scheduled to operate on the Down Bandel-Howrah route, were suspended on Tuesday, exacerbating the inconvenience for daily commuters.

The affected train was moving at a considerably slow pace prior to the incident. Efforts were underway to divert trains from Howrah to Belur station using the Howrah-Bardhaman Up cord line. Subsequently, trains were redirected to the Howrah-Bardhaman Up line. By 11:00 AM, normal operations had resumed without any further disruptions.

However, despite the resumption of services, commuters expressed dissatisfaction with the overall situation. Even though the work concluded, the service did not return to its usual efficiency. What would typically take five minutes was now stretching to nearly an hour, with trains halting at every signal along the route. Consequently, commuters continued to face difficulties despite the conclusion of the incident.

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