Living-In the reality

The press meets for the movie ‘Dayra’ (Prism of Relationship) went successful. The evening at Kaidi Kitchen was electrified due to the presence of actors and actress . An up-coming Indo-International short film by the director Ranadeep Sarkar was praised by everyone present at the event. The movie is produced by Ayanjit Sen and under the banner titled La Pelicula Motion Pictures.

The movie will surely present the reality of the society and leave the audience to judge the situations. Dayra is all about the live-in relationship, and acceptance. Over the years it has become an acceptable norm in the society. The director portrayed and captured the younger generation’s views on love, attraction, commitment towards themselves or any relationship are different.The movie will have Mumtaz Sarkar and Bollywood actor Saptrishi in the leads. Speaking with Jiyo Bangla, the talented actress said,

Trust me I won’t say much about the film. But for sure this one is a slice of reality. Speaking about the title it means, Living together. I hope this one truly entertains the audience.

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