Kolkata Metro Routes Have Changed Their Services On Good Friday Holiday, Know In Details

In observance of Good Friday, the Kolkata Metro authorities have announced slight adjustments to their services along various routes. Unlike regular days, there will be a reduction in the number of metro trains running today.

On the Green Line, which stretches from Esplanade to Howrah Maidan, instead of the usual 130 trains, commuters will find 122 trains in operation. This means there are 61 trains running from Esplanade and another 61 from Howrah Maidan.

The timetable for today's metro services has also been revised. Operations will commence at 7:00 a.m. as usual, with trains departing every 12 minutes during the morning rush. Subsequently, a 15-minute interval will be maintained throughout the day, while during midday, trains will run at 20-minute intervals.


For travellers on the Sealdah to Salt Lake Sector V route, there will be a total of 90 trains in operation, down from the usual 106. This means 45 trains will ply between Sealdah and Salt Lake Sector Five in either direction.

The first metro service on this route will commence at 6:55 AM, maintaining a 20-minute frequency. Conversely, the service from Salt Lake Sector V to Sealdah will start at 7:00 AM.

Additionally, commuters on the purple line, from Joka to Majherhat, will experience uninterrupted services today. However, passengers on the Orange Line, from Ruby to New Garia, will not have metro services available.

The last metro departing from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade and vice versa will be at 9:45 p.m. On the other hand, the last metro from Sealdah will leave at 9:35 p.m., and the last metro from Salt Lake Sector V to Sealdah will leave at 9:40 p.m.

These adjustments aim to accommodate the needs of commuters while acknowledging the significance of the day. Travellers are advised to plan their journeys accordingly, considering the revised schedules. 

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