Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Plans Reconstruction Of Shailen Manna Stadium Gallery At Howrah Maidan

The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation is gearing up for the reconstruction of the gallery at Shailen Manna Stadium, located at Howrah Maidan. The initiative comes following the approval granted on December 5th last year for the gallery's blueprint by the Howrah District Magistrate and Collector.

Reports suggest that the underground section earmarked for construction was acquired by the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited back in 2014. Assurances were made that, upon completion of the project, the land would be returned to the stadium authorities. 


With the successful launch of metro services on the Green Line from Maidan to Esplanade since March 15th last year, public favour for the service has been on the rise. 

Now, the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited authorities have taken the initiative to reconstruct the gallery of Shailen Manna Stadium. The blueprint for the gallery received approval from the Howrah District Magistrate and Collector after prior consent from the Howrah Municipal Corporation and the Public Works Department (Roads).

However, the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited is yet to receive the necessary approvals to commence construction work. Consequently, another letter was sent to the Howrah District Magistrate on January 23rd, urging expedited approval.

Upon completion of the gallery construction, the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited will also construct the perimeter of the stadium before handing over the section to the stadium authorities.

Nevertheless, there are concerns among some quarters that administrative delays may hinder the progress of this project.

Kolkata Metro Rail's Chief Public Relations Officer, Kaushik Mitra, affirmed that once approvals are secured, construction of the gallery will commence promptly. 

The reconstruction of the Shailen Manna Stadium gallery stands as a testament to the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation's commitment to enhancing infrastructure and public amenities in the city.


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