Kolkata Metro: Daily Commuters Suffer Delays In Metro On Thursday Early Morning—What Happened?

Commuters on Thursday morning found themselves caught in a series of delays while travelling on the Kolkata Metro. What caused these unexpected disruptions?

Reports indicate that nearly every station experienced delays of approximately 10 minutes between trains, stretching from Kavi Subhash to Dakshineswar in the southbound direction. Consequently, daily office commuters bore the brunt of these delays. A train that departed Shahid Khudiram at 7:36 AM arrived at Rabindra Sadan at 8:47 AM, while at stations like Netaji (Kudghat) and Mahanayak Uttam Kumar (Tollygunge), trains remained stationary for extended periods.

During these delays, announcements at stations and within the metro system indicated that trains would depart only when the line was "clear." However, the reasons behind these delays remained unclear initially. Authorities later claimed that temporary signalling issues caused the metros to run behind schedule.

Kolkata Metro's Chief Public Relations Officer, Kaushik Mitra, explained that the trains were running slightly slower than usual due to problems with the signalling system. Despite this, services were not suspended at any point, and normal operations resumed around 8:50 AM.

For daily commuters, such disruptions are particularly troublesome during rush hours, as delays can lead to overcrowding both on trains and on alternative modes of transport like buses. This adds to the already hectic nature of the morning commute for office workers and students alike.

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