K.C. DAS SWEET SHOP: Kolkata Municipal Corporation Collects Sweet Samples From K.C. Das Amid Controversy

K.C. Das, a renowned sweet shop in Kolkata, has found itself embroiled in controversy as the Kolkata Municipal Corporation undertakes a sampling drive to scrutinize the quality of its sweets. Known for its delectable sweets, K.C. Das has garnered a loyal following over the years, with outlets scattered across the city.

Recently, the spotlight fell on K.C. Das when Jyotirmoy Tanti, a commissioner at the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, purchased sweets from the establishment only to discover an unsettling surprise. Tanti revealed that the sweet he purchased resembled a piece of paper, raising suspicions about the quality and safety of the confectionery.

This incident has sparked concerns among residents about the safety of consuming sweets, particularly during the sweltering heat of Kolkata. While many indulge in these delicacies, unawareness about potential health risks persists. Health experts warn that consuming spoiled sweets can have detrimental effects on our health.

In response to these concerns, the Food Safety Department of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation has taken swift action, collecting samples of sweets from K.C. Das for further examination. Dr. Tarun Safui, an official from the Food Safety Department, emphasized the importance of ensuring that citizens have access to safe and healthy food options.

The management of K.C. Das has reassured customers of their commitment to maintaining quality standards. However, Dheeman Chandra Das, a spokesperson for the establishment, acknowledged the challenges posed by the scorching temperatures. He highlighted the difficulty in preserving sweets, especially iconic delicacies like rasgulla and rasmalai, amidst the intense heatwaves gripping the city.

Despite efforts to regulate temperature control in their outlets, K.C. Das faces logistical challenges in maintaining ideal storage conditions during extreme heatwaves. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation's Food Safety Department has expressed satisfaction with K.C. Das's cooperation in the sampling process and affirmed their commitment to swiftly address any issues detected during laboratory testing.

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