Bengali Actor Kinjal Nanda To Portray The Legendary Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam In Tolly Industry

A biopic on the rebellious poet Kazi Nazrul Islam is set to make its debut in the world of entertainment, marking its first appearance in Bengali cinema. Directed by Abdul Alim, the film promises a deep dive into the life of the iconic figure, with actor Kinjal Nanda stepping into the shoes of Nazrul.

Speaking to the media, Nanda expressed both excitement and anticipation for the challenging role, emphasising the extensive preparation and research undertaken to embody the essence of Nazrul's persona on screen. From his early days to his final years, the film aims to capture the entirety of Nazrul's life journey.

Set to commence shooting in the winter season, the biopic will also incorporate prosthetic makeup to authentically depict various phases of Nazrul's life. Somnath Kundu is responsible for Nanda's transformation, ensuring a striking resemblance to the legendary poet.

In addition to Nanda's portrayal, the biopic boasts a stellar cast, including Kharaj Mukherjee as Fazlul Haq, Bijoyasundari Devi as Kanchana Maitra, and several other talented actors. Furthermore, it is hinted that several actors from Bangladesh might also join the cast, with names like Ali Akbar Khan and Sajni Kanth Das being speculated upon.

However, it's worth noting that the biopic will not feature Rabindranath Tagore, as confirmed by the production team. Discussions are ongoing regarding who will portray the role of the revered poet, with Ranjit Mallick or Chiranjeet Chakraborty being considered for the part.

Prior to this project, Kinjal Nanda showcased his acting prowess in the film "8/12 Vinay Badal Dinesh," portraying the character of Binoy Basu. His commitment to delivering a stellar performance in the Nazrul biopic underscores the dedication and importance attached to the project.

The musical direction of the film rests in the capable hands of Joy Sarkar, while the editing responsibilities lie with Arghakamal Mitra. JB Productions oversees the production needs, ensuring a seamless execution of the ambitious project.

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