Kalimpong hosts street festival

The Kalimpong tourism department has taken a big leap when it joined hands with the locals to showcase the true culture of the district of Kalimpong by organizing a street fest. Stalls were set in the main road where the cars cooperated with the stall owners and vacated their place from the parking space. A modest number of food stalls occupied the road below Thana Dara. As the festival would continue, stall owners would join hands and increase the number of stalls proving kalimpong to be an excellent tourist spot.

Even though the stalls are put up for a short period of time, they are bringing alive the culture of Kalimpong. Not only are they selling local delicious food of Kalimpong, they are also exhibiting the popular handicrafts of Kalimpong.

Needless to say, this is the best time to visit Kalimpong as the tourists over there are roaming the streets and collecting their fondest memories. Even though the fest is arranged on a modest scale, they have avoided loud music.

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