Jawed Habib to arrive in town for his book release

Q: Tell us something about the seventh book of yours...

A: The previous six books were different. This book is the first one on the business of hairstyling. Titled ‘Attitude is Everything’, this book is meant for every professional who has the zeal and enthusiasm for growth, and wants to turn their dreams into reality! From my perspective, there is a compelling need to address the subject because, at the end of the day, it is all about the game of attitude. This superpower ensures success, and teaches the value of pushing limits, breaking boundaries, collaboration, success and hard work. This book is my journey and key study of an entrepreneur mind and I am happy to share it with all.

Q: What is your advise to people who aspire to make it big in hair-styling business?

A: My passion has remained with me despite my failures. Some call it craziness but I love my craziness. For me it is persistence. This madness of mine has helped me stay focused on my work. I have not wavered from the two mottos of my Life – to educate the hair dressers of this country and to give a haircut to each and every citizen of this country. Just because of this passion, I keep scouting for opportunities every time and everywhere.

Q: What, according to you, are the major causes of hairfall under Indian condition?

A: Given the weather conditions and habit, I would say bad hair hygiene, wrong selection of hair products and love for long hair are the main culprits.

Q: What are some of the lifestyle habits people need to take care of if they want healthy hair?

A: Our food habits contribute a lot to hair growth or hair fall. If you eat hair-friendly food, it helps hair stay healthy for sure. With daily wash and preconditioning along with regular trimming, our hair will stay healthy.

Q: Do you recommend hair transplant for those who have turned bald or have a receding hairline? What should be the pre-requisites for someone who wants to get hair transplant?

A: Hair transplant is a personal choice and besides being expensive, it requires a lot of maintenance. Professional consultation is important before going ahead for it.

Q: What is the most common myth that you have seen people of India fall for, regarding hair fall or hair growth?

A: That daily wash is bad for hair! This is that one myth which is affecting people's hair badly. Daily wash is essential for all types of hair.    


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