It’s not just the caffeine that makes you come back!

Weekends are meant to relax, unwind, interact or just kill time. The youth today enjoy hanging out in a café after a tiring week at work. Ever wondered why people are willing to spend more time in cafés? Why taking your date out for coffee is always a good idea? Well yes, coffee is a heavenly drink that keeps your grumpy mood away. But people don’t always go to coffee house just to grab their daily dose of caffeine, but to spend some quality time with friends or read a book.

Coffee and friends make the perfect blend. The café culture is somewhat inspired by the famous American sitcom F.RI.E.N.D.S. which is more than just a show for our generation. Cafés have a cosy atmosphere, where you can sit with your own ‘Friends’ gang, relax for hours, create your own ‘Central Perk’ memories and sip your favourite kind of coffee. They are great places to read your favourite book or even just sit and work peacefully. Cafés, nowadays, come with free Wi-Fi that makes it easier to beat a writing deadline as you clear your mind with a cup of coffee.

Cafés are great places to meet like-minded people since making new friends can be truly be a ‘task’, especially if you are an adult. What Facebook, Instagram, Tinder are doing through the virtual world, coffee does that for you face-to-face. They all are trying to cultivate a social life for you. 

In a traditional book library, you read books but at cafés, you can read people. People have different mindsets and different interest but what connects us is our story- ‘the tale that knows us inside out’. Striking up conversations over coffee with various people you meet at cafés might end up giving you the best friendship you ever had. Listening to someone’s life experiences is a refreshing and empowering way to ride their ‘ups and lows’ and eventually being inspired when human emotions come into play. Cafés encourage people to eliminate stereotypes and challenge their own preconceived notions as they learn by communicating with others.

Needless to say, it is always a great way to vent out your emotions when you become the “book” that might inspire others. And if you are awaiting to experience it all, then Cafe #377 is just the perfect place for you to stop by.

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