Is Kissing Babies on the Lips Safe?

We all shower our heartfelt love to the babies. Most of us couldn’t just hold ourselves back from kissing them. But do you actually know if it is unsafe to kiss the baby on their lips?

The saliva of adults contains food particles that are unhealthy for babies less than 6 months’ age, causing allergies.

Babies are prone to viral infections resulting in meningitis. Kissing can cause infections, making their immune system weaker than before. This is the time when their immunity system is in progress and they require huge care. Herpes Simplex virus is quite contagious and passes through the mouth. This can even lead to death in some cases. Many babies can suffer from coxsackie, i.e. foot, hand and mouth disease.

Therefore, it becomes the duty of the core family members to keep others away from offering an overdose of affection.

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